What is a Vertical Conveyor?

A vertical conveyor, also known as a goods lift or freight elevator, is a mechanical device that moves goods vertically between multiple floors or production levels in factories. Other types of conveyors that customers may be interested in include: passenger elevators, freight elevators, vertical lifts, and vertical feeders.

While elevators are the most common way for people to move vertically, vertical conveyors operate similarly but can handle larger loads, more frequent trips, and a wider variety of cargo, including trays, buckets, boxes, bottles, sets, and more. However, vertical conveyors are not typically used for transporting people, but rather for transporting goods and machinery in factories.

Why invest in a vertical conveyor?

  • Safety: Vertical conveyors are a safer, more cost-effective alternative to using a forklift to transport goods and materials between floors. They are less expensive to maintain and do not require a license to operate like a forklift. They can transport pallets, boxes, tires, trolleys, and other items that a forklift cannot. In addition, vertical conveyors are designed to handle and load almost any shape or weight of cargo.

Types of vertical conveyors:

  • There are two main types of vertical conveyors: mechanical and hydraulic. Each type of conveyor is suitable for different types of materials, load weights, and factory sizes.
  • Vertical conveyors typically move boxes between floors and can be integrated with other conveyors to create a closed loop system.

Applications of vertical conveyors:

    • Vertical conveyors are commonly used in warehouses, parts of automation rooms, storage facilities, schools, hospitals, airports, hotels, restaurants, ship holds, and anywhere else where a vertical conveyor is needed.


Space saving:

  • Instead of using multiple tools or forklifts to lift goods, which are bulky and time-consuming, and take up a lot of space, vertical conveyors are an effective way to lift goods vertically through multiple floors.

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