MAKITECH - A leading manufacturing company headquartered in Nagoya, Japan.

Makitech is a manufacturing company headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. Founded by Masao Maki in 1946 in Nagoya,
Makitech began large-scale conveyor production in 1971. In 1974, Maki Shinichi, his successor, developed the company into one of Japan’s leading conveyor manufacturers.
He started expanding the company overseas. As of now, Makitech has a presence in various Asian countries including China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
Makitech Vietnam was established in 2014. Currently, there are 4 factories with a total area of 39,500 square meters.
MAKITECH’s products are widely used not only in the industrial sector but also in construction, welfare, and other fields.
Company name Makitech Vietnam Company Limited
English name
April 2014
Investment capital
13.000.000 USD
President: Endo Toshiro
Director: Kido Yoshikazu
Lot No. 18 Dien Nam Dien Ngoc Industrial Park, Dien Nam Bac Ward, Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam
Diện tích
Number of workers
150 people (Male 122/ Female 28)
Manufacturing and trading all kinds of steel cage carts, 4-wheeled slimcarts, storage pallets, all kinds of conveyors, loading robots, vertical conveyors, mold changing systems, bicycle racks
Revenue 2022
203 billion VND
Revenue 2023
230 billion VND


April 2014 Established Makitech Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Investment capital: 9 million USD) Completing factory No. 1 (Area: 16,381.5m²)
April 2015
Started production of Nestainer
March 2016
Completion of Factory No. 2 (Plating Workshop) (Area: 13,618.5 m²)
April 2016
Started production of Rollbox products
October 2016
Completed installation of machinery and equipment at factory No. 3 (Area: 2,760 m²)
December 2016
Started producing racks
June 2017
Invest in 10 welding robots (Total 13 robots)
April 2018
Started producing medical bed products
August 2018
Started producing Conveyor products
December 2018
Completed installation of machinery and equipment at factory No. 3 (Area: 5,850 m²)
February 2019
Started production of Bicycle Rack products
April 2019
Increased capital by 4 million USD, bringing total investment capital to 13 million USD
August 2019
Started production of KS Rack
July 2020
Started production of KS Roll S-3
August 2020
Started production of KS Roll S-4
September 2020
Started production of Shiitake vehicles
May 2021
Started production of 4-wheeled vehicles
May 2022
Invest in 5 more robots (Total 18 robots)

Main Business Activities

  • Manufacture and sale of conveyors, distribution and logistics equipment
  • Manufacture and sale of related industrial auxiliary products
  • Manufacture and sale of welfare and medical products