Free Roller Conveyor: An Effective and Economical Solution for Product Transportation

Manufacturing industries always have a product transportation process after packaging. Conveyor systems are widely applied in enterprises with different investment costs for each type. The free roller conveyor is always the first choice for businesses to design product transportation systems and is widely used in factories, warehouses, etc.

The free roller conveyor is designed with a steel frame and rollers connected together to form a roller system with an equal spacing, ensuring stable operation in the process of transporting goods without electricity consumption. It is manually operated but still brings the desired efficiency.

Features of the free roller conveyor:

  • Simple design, compact and easy to use, long service life.
  • Waterproof, dustproof and low friction coefficient.
  • Stable operation, durable and good quality thanks to being made of stainless steel.
  • Low vibration and noise thanks to precise roller design.

Benefits of the free roller conveyor:

  • Consumes no electricity and saves time, reducing labor costs.
  • Applicable to many production stages.
  • Lower investment cost than other types of conveyors.
  • Low maintenance and warranty.
  • Operates in all harsh conditions.

Structure of the free roller conveyor:

    • The conveyor frame is designed in steel or stainless steel for easy installation and disassembly.
    • The roller shaft is made of solid stainless steel or stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
    • The roller surface is covered with rubber, plastic or galvanized to increase the durability and load capacity of the conveyor.
    • If necessary, additional wheels can be installed for convenient conveyor movement.


Applications of the free roller conveyor:

  • Used to transport goods with flat bottoms with weights from light to heavy such as cartons, drums, beer kegs, gas cylinders, milk cartons, etc.
  • Load heavy goods including pallets of materials, pallets of chemicals, pallets of sugar for food and beverage factories, etc.
  • The combination of free roller conveyors with other conveyors creates a product transportation system in factory production.
  • It can transport suitable products and goods to bring good results.

With an affordable investment cost, you can still own a convenient goods conveyor with superior features that bring many benefits. The free roller conveyor is completely suitable for all large and small businesses or private owners. It helps to save a lot



 of economic resources while still meeting the needs of businesses.

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